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How to choose the right check signing machine or software?

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Security, control, and automation are all important factors when considering the right check signing solution. We recommend addressing six important issues before selecting, upgrading, or adding an automated check signing solution for your company.

  1. How many checks are processed per check run?
  2. How many accounts does the company have? For example, one accounting department may process AP and Payroll checks for multiple subsidiary companies.
  3. How many users will be processing checks or need access to the check signing machine or software?
  4. How many signers will be on the checks and how often do they change?
  5. How many bank accounts does the company use?
  6. What level of security does your company require based on internal audit compliance or established workflow protocol?

The article below addresses selecting a check signing solution based only on the check processing volume a company currently has or is expecting.. Full article continued...

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