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Hard Drive/ SSD Destruction

Safely destroy electronic data stored on hard drives, solid state drives, magnetic tapes, cell phones, PDAs, VHS tapes, CD's/ DVD's, credit cards, flash drives, etc.  Select from NSA evaluated degaussers, hard drive shredders, and hard drive punches for every need and budget.

Image Degaussers

Hard drive degaussers quickly and quietly erase stored data on magnetic hard drives. By applying a magnetic charge through the disk, all stored data and pre-recorded servo tracks are permanently erased. Degaussers make the hard drive unusable so it can be safely disposed of or recycled as e-waste.

Image Disintegrator / Mixed Media Destroyer
Disintegrator / Mixed Media Destroyer

NSA Listed Disintegrators. Shreds a variety of materials including flash drives, solid-state drives, CD/DVD's, cell phones, and PDA's to NSA/CSS standards. Shreds material to fine particles as small as .05 mm˛ meeting the most strict security requirements.

Image Hard Drive Crushers
Hard Drive Crushers

Hard Drive crushers are NSA listed on the evaluated products list. When combined with proper degaussing, crushers permanently destroy hard drives and make data recovery impossible.

Image Hard Drive Punches
Hard Drive Punches

Hard drive punches destroy and permanently damage hard drives preventing them from re-installation and use by any computer.

Image Hard Drive Shredders
Hard Drive Shredders

Hard drive destruction is the safest way to destroy and permanently protect data stored on hard drives, cell phones, PDA's, ipads, tablets, notebooks, tapes, DVD's, CD's, and solid state drives.

Image SSD, Cell Phone, PDA, Circuit Board Destruction
SSD, Cell Phone, PDA, Circuit Board Destruction

Protect confidential data stored on solid state drives, cell phones, PDA's, flash drives, and circuit boards by properly shredding these storage devices. Find the industries leading destruction devices for wholesale prices here at