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Pressure Sealers

The Formax FD 1606 AutoSeal® is the ultimate mid-volume pressure seal solution. With its automatic fold settings and full-color...


Stand-Alone pressure sealer is a perfect solution for high-volume mailers who want to utilize existing floor model folding systems.


FD2300 High-Volume Series

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The Formax FD 1202 Auto Seal® offers a low-volume user-friendly solution for one-piece pressure sensitive mailers. The drop in...


The Paitec ES2500 is compact, quiet, easy to operate, and very affordable. Processes up to 3,000 forms per hour...


4 fold settings | 5,000 sheets/hr


Processing up to a speed of 73 forms per minute with the ability to process forms up to 14"...

Was $4,850.00
On Sale: $4,503.00

100 forms per minute and in sizes up to 14" in length.

Was $5,795.00
On Sale: $5,306.00

6,250 forms per hour.

Was $6,495.00
On Sale: $6,395.00

Desktop pressure sealer has an easy to use touch-pad control panel and a 3-roller drop in feed system.


The Paitec ES8500 is the best value in the tabletop pressure sealer. It processes up to 9,000 forms per...


AutoSeal with model-specific MICR and non-MICR desktop (non-included) laser printers.

Was $8,500.00
On Sale: $8,075.00

AutoSeal with model-specific MICR and non-MICR desktop (non-included) laser printers.


The FD 2036 AutoSeal® is a user-friendly high-volume solution for processing one-piece pressure sensitive mailers. Speed upto 11,000 forms...


Fully automatic pressure sealer designed with ease of operation and efficiency in mind.


Was $53,750.00
On Sale: $41,500.00

The Formax Auto Seal® FD 2096 uses patented pressure seal technology to efficiently process cut-sheet pressure seal forms in...


FD2200 High-Volume Series

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