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Paper Handling

Everything you need to cut, fold, slit, or handle your bulk paper needs.

Image Paper Folders
Paper Folders

Durable and reliable folders for print shops, churches, and large office applications.

Image Paper Creasers
Paper Creasers

Prevent cracking of printed documents by using a paper creaser.

Image Form Bursters
Form Bursters

From the smallest forms document bursting job to thousands of EDP forms, we have the right forms buster for your application.

Image Rotary paper trimmers
Rotary paper trimmers

Ultra sharp land lasting blades offer detailed cutting for projects requiring detailed accuracy.

Image Guillotine paper trimmer
Guillotine paper trimmer

Full assortment of guillotine style paper cutters.

Image Stack Paper Cutters
Stack Paper Cutters

Large variety of stack paper cutters built for large office commercial use.

Image Pressure Sealers
Pressure Sealers

Fold and seal mailings without the need to fold and stuff into envelopes.

Image Card Slitters
Card Slitters

Commercial card cutters for small and large print shops.

Image Paper Joggers
Paper Joggers

Assorted commercial paper joggers for high production print facilities.

Image Letter Openers
Letter Openers

Letter openers for large and small offices.

Image Paper Tabbers
Paper Tabbers

High speed paper tabbers.

Image Booklet Makers
Booklet Makers

Small and large office booklet makers.

Image Document Handling
Document Handling

Commercial grade paper handling systems.