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Lease Equipment

ABE Lease from John Rowan on Vimeo.


Estimated monthly payment for a "$10,000.00" lease:

Term of Lease Good Credit Great Credit Lease payment per $1,000 added
24 months $503 $510 $50 to $51
36 months $355 $363 $35 to $36
48 months $282 $288 $28 to $29
60 months $239 $245 $23 to $25

In less than 30 seconds you will know your approval status.
Simply click below to fill out our no obligation credit application. 

Use your approval amount to purchase equipment.


Generate revenue as you pay: 

Financing affords your business the option of getting new equipment now and paying for it in small manageable payments. 

Start earning money before your first payment is due!

100% tax-deductible

Current IRS tax codes allow your business to deduct the full monthly lease payment.

You essentially get to deduct 100% of the equipment and leasing cost! 

*Talk to your tax professional for details.    

Lease or Buy

Low monthly payments:  

We offer monthly payments that range from 12 to 60 months ensuring the best fit for your business. 

Variable payments available upon request.

Match payments to seasonal cash flow variations.

Avoid bank restrictions:

No blanket liens | Restricted covenants | Write escalator clauses | Call any time provisions | Compensating balance requirements 

No surprises related to traditional lending.

Financing reporting advantages:

We structure payment so they meet FASB requirements for off-balance-sheet accounting.

Keep lines of credit open:

Keep lines of credit open for financial emergencies and use our financing to help build your business credit!  

1)  Click the "Apply Now!" button to complete our 30 second application.

2)  You will receive a verification call from LeaseStation (our in-house financing company) to review a financing package tailored just for you.

3)  LeaseStation will email the document to sign and return online. 

4)  No tiresome paperwork or faxing documents back and forth. 

You’re done! Expect a phone call with your delivery details!