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Formax | Parts and Accessories

Formax CJ-05 Catch Tray is for use with the ColorMax7 Digital Color Printer


Formax CJ-10 is a 3' Conveyor Stacker for use with the ColorMax7 Digital Color Printers *Also sold as part of...


Formax CJ-15 1,000-watt Infrared Inkjet Dryer for ColorMax7 Digital Printer*Also sold as part of the ColorMax7C package, along with the...


The Formax CJ-16 Cabinet is an ideal workstation for the ColorMax7. There are 4 doors for convenient storage, 4...


Formax CJ-20 ColorMax7 Memjet 1600 dpi Print Head


Formax CJ-21 ColorMax7 Memjet 259ml Ink Tank - Cyan


Formax CJ-22 ColorMax7 Memjet 259ml InkTank-Yellow


Formax CJ-23 ColorMax7 Memjet 259ml InkTank - Magenta


Formax CJ-24 ColorMax7 Memjet 259ml InkTank - Black


CMCOLOR-Client is an additional seat license for any cmColor software client.  *Must already have CMCOLOR RIP and Color Match...


Formax CMENVELOPENW ColorMax7 #10 Non-Window Envelopes, case of 2,500.


Formax CMENVELOPEW ColorMax7 #10 Window Envelopes, case of 2,500.


The ColorMax7C Digital Color Printer possesses all of the qualities of the ColorMax7 but comes complete with the 3' Conveyor...


Formax FD100-20 Black Ink Roll for use with the FD150 Document Signer.


Formax FD100-30 Tri-Color Ink Roll for use with the FD150 Document Signer


Formax FD100-35 Vinyl Stamp (1) with no saddle for use with the FD150 Document Signer.


The FD120-20 is an optional 8" Slitter Cassette for greeting cards for use with the FD120 Card Cutter


The Formax FD2000-20 cabinet is easily used with all desktop sealers with a conveyor.


The FD6606-25 High Capacity Conveyor Stacker (CS-2) is for use with the FD6606 Inserter Series.*Requires FD6606-26 Conveyor Exit Sensor 


The Formax FD6606-30 High Capacity Envelope Hopper is an option to be used with the FD6606 Inserter Series.


The Wasatch Variable Data Printing (VDP) Module is for use with either the ColorMaxLP Digital Color Label Printer or...