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Formax | Parts and Accessories

Package of Cutting Sticks (8 sticks) for Cut-True 27A/27S


Formax CJ-05 Catch Tray is for use with the ColorMax7 Digital Color Printer


Formax CJ-10 is a 3' Conveyor Stacker for use with the ColorMax7 Digital Color Printers *Also sold as part of...


Formax CJ-15 1,000-watt Infrared Inkjet Dryer for ColorMax7 Digital Printer*Also sold as part of the ColorMax7C package, along with the...


The Formax CJ-16 Cabinet is an ideal workstation for the ColorMax7. There are 4 doors for convenient storage, 4...


Formax CJ-20 ColorMax7 Memjet 1600 dpi Print Head


Formax CJ-21 ColorMax7 Memjet 259ml Ink Tank - Cyan


Formax CJ-22 ColorMax7 Memjet 259ml InkTank-Yellow


Formax CJ-23 ColorMax7 Memjet 259ml InkTank - Magenta


Formax CJ-24 ColorMax7 Memjet 259ml InkTank - Black


CMCOLOR-Client is an additional seat license for any cmColor software client.  *Must already have CMCOLOR RIP and Color Match...


Formax CMENVELOPENW ColorMax7 #10 Non-Window Envelopes, case of 2,500.


Formax CMENVELOPEW ColorMax7 #10 Window Envelopes, case of 2,500.


The ColorMax7C Digital Color Printer possesses all of the qualities of the ColorMax7 but comes complete with the 3' Conveyor...


Formax FD100-20 Black Ink Roll for use with the FD150 Document Signer.


Formax FD100-30 Tri-Color Ink Roll for use with the FD150 Document Signer


Formax FD100-35 Vinyl Stamp (1) with no saddle for use with the FD150 Document Signer.


The FD120-20 is an optional 8" Slitter Cassette for greeting cards for use with the FD120 Card Cutter


The Formax FD2000-20 cabinet is easily used with all desktop sealers with a conveyor.


The Wasatch Variable Data Printing (VDP) Module is for use with either the ColorMaxLP Digital Color Label Printer or...