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How loud are paper shredders?

Posted on by Advantage Business Equipment
Image How loud are paper shredders?

Standard large office paper shredders generate noise in the range of an everyday conversation.   Smaller under desk shredders can be as quiet as 50 decibels (dB) which is the sound rain makes when falling on a driveway and well below the danger level of 85 dB.  85 decibels is the limit the human ear can tolerate for any longer than 8 hours without internal ear damage occurring.  

85 dB is the sound heavy traffic makes if you were standing on the side a busy freeway.  The CDC recommends limiting exposure to under 4 hours at this level.  Jackhammers and ambulances generate noise levels around 125 dB and at this level permanent damage is instant.

The largest industrial shredders will produce a maximum of 75 dB to 80 dB so they are well below the need for ear protection.  Normal conversations can still take place around an industrial shredder shredding at it's maximum capacity so there is no need to be concerned about work place hearing damage.

To protect employees from the small amount of noise and dust generated by office equipment, we recommend placing shredders in locations away from work areas. If you have a purifier or are considering installing one, place the unit on the vented side of you your shredder to help reduce the possible dust produced. 

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