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Paper Creasers

MBM presents the tabletop manual creasing and perforating machine. The GoCrease 3000 is designed with a large width for...

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The Formax FD215S Electric Semi-Automatic Creaser helps to ensure a clean, professional finish by creasing sheets prior to folding,...


FD 95 can process up to 7,080 sheets per hour and can add up to 5 creases or perf...

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On Sale: $2,424.00

Tired of folding flyers and promotions by hand? Allow the Count iCrease Digital Creasing Machine handle the repetitive task...


Manual tabletop die-creaser. Touch screen programming module with automated distance recognition for automatic set-up (letter, half, roll, gate, double...

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The Count EZ Creaser Touch offers a user friendly attitude, flexibility, and speed.


The AccuNumber Touch Airfed Automatic Numbering, Perforating, and Scoring Machine by Count Machinery will greatly enhance the productivity work...

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On Sale: $12,950.00

The Count FC114 Digital Creasing and Numbering Machine combines the technology of the EZ Creaser / iCrease Excel units and...


The Count's Accucreaser is Touch Screen Air/Vacuum Feed Automatic Creasing, Perforating, and Scoring Machine.


The NumberJet Inkjet Tower Inkjet offers a user friendly attitude and flexability.

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