Pharmacy Pill Bottle Shredder

Pharmacy Pill Bottle Shredder
Pharmacy Pill Bottle Shredder

Pharmacy Pill Bottle Shredder

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Brand: Ameri-Shred

SKU: Medi-Shred

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HIPPA compliant Pharmacy Shredder designed to shred pharmacy pills bottles with pressure sensitive labels containing confidential patient or medical information.   The Medi-Shred pill bottle shredder is designed to safely destroy pill bottles, syringes, blister packs, labels, and paper. 

The Medi-Shred has two separate feed slots, one for paper and one for pill bottles.  The pill bottle opening can process multiple bottles quickly in the 5" W x 8" L x 3"D opening. Slide open the safety latch and fill the compartment with bottles or syringes.  Close the cover and the Medi-Shred automatically feeds the material into the solid steel cutting blades safely and to HIPPA standards.

A separate 10" paper feed slot allows the user to shred up to 10 sheets of paper to level 4 shred size at the same time pill bottles are being destroyed. Safe for paper, paper clips, CD's, and Credit Cards.

Specifications for Pharmacy Pill Bottle Shredder
Power Supply: 110 volt
Max Speed (ft/min): 22 FPM est.
Sheet Capacity (20lb - 16lb): 10
Shred Size (in.): 1/8" x 1 1/2"
Throat Opening (in.): 10"
HP (output): .75 (HP)
Auto on/off: Yes
Auto Reverse: No
Motor Duty Cycle: Continuous
Bag Full Auto Off: No
Bag Full Indicator: No
Casters: Yes
Accepts CDs/Credit Cards: Yes
Accepts Staples/Paper Clips: Yes
Shipping Weight: 550 lbs.
Dimensions: 24"W x 51"H x 27.5"D
Waste Bin: 12 gal
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