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Image Check Signing
Check Signing

Advantage Business Equipment is the nations #1 source for check signing machines and software. We're not just the top source for machines and parts, we're also the experts in the AP building and implementation process. 

Image Paper Shredders
Paper Shredders

Heavy duty, highest quality paper & document shredders for all your office, industrial, and governmental security needs.  All levels of paper shredders, including NSA high security Level 8 shredders are available.  Call today to talk to one of our shredder experts.

Image Hard Drive/ SSD Destruction
Hard Drive/ SSD Destruction

Safely destroy electronic data stored on hard drives, solid state drives, magnetic tapes, cell phones, PDAs, VHS tapes, CD's/ DVD's, credit cards, flash drives, etc. Select from NSA evaluated degaussers, hard drive shredders, and hard drive punches for every need and budget.

Image Cardboard Box Shredders
Cardboard Box Shredders

Create FREE packing material! 

Starting at $2,699.50

Image Paper Handling
Paper Handling

Everything you need to cut, fold, slit, or handle your bulk paper needs.

Image Currency Handling
Currency Handling

Industries most reliable cash handling equipment. Currency and coin counters, sorters, counterfeit detectors, and crimping machines.

Image Time and Date Stamps
Time and Date Stamps

Large selection of automatic date and time stamps machines. Commercial units designed for durable long lasting use. 

Image More Equipment | Supplies
More Equipment | Supplies

Our full catalog of office equipment.  Find form and document bursters, paper cutters, paper folders, paper joggers, pressure sealers, date and time stamps,