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FC114 Digital Creasing and Numbering Machine

FC114 Digital Creasing and Numbering Machine
FC114 Digital Creasing and Numbering Machine

FC114 Digital Creasing and Numbering Machine

Price: $11,450.00

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Brand: count

SKU: FC114

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Digital Creasing and Numbering Machine

The Count FC114 Digital Creasing and Numbering Machine combines the technology of the EZ Creaser / iCrease Excel units and our Number pro machines into one great space saving machine.The accurate rotary actuated creasing comes with 2 width creasing bars for a variety of stock thicknesses. It will crease up to 12 times per sheet and number up to 24 times per sheet and has the ability to do linear perforating, micro-perf and rotary scoring.

  • New modern design with state of the art touch screen technology
  • Increased speed and efficiency in both creasing and perforating
  • Job memory for storing complex or reoccurring jobs
  • 8 pre-set jobs for quick set up on the most common projects
  • Automatic Perfect bind set up
  • 12 custom crease locations available on each sheet
  • Comes with both standard and wide crease dies
  • Automatic setups with the touch of a button
  • Automatic top-of-pile non marking friction feed
  • Accurate Rotary Actuated Impact Creasing
  • Dedicated feed mode which allows you to set sheet spacing
  • Easy to set feed rails for quick set up and square feeding
  • Linear Perf/Score capabilities, including micro and laser perf
  • Micro-Lateral adjustment for fine tuning perforation locations
  • Perf blades available for 5 TPI, 9 TPI, 12 TPI and 96 TPI & 185 TPI micro perf (sold separately)
  • Optional burr flattener is available for creating and extra flat perf
  • Optional narrow margin perf assembly is available for perforating close to the edge of the sheet
  • All measurements in millimeters to avoid conversions and decimal points
  • Fine tune adjustment for crease locations to a fraction of a millimeter
  • New auto adjusting gripper wheels provide consistent grip and decrease set up time
  • Batch, Sheet and Total Counters
  • Automated Distance Recognition
  • Ability to add Inline Folder
  • Ability to add Inline transport to the Countcoat UV Coater
  • Simple programming allows you to number, perforate, or crease individually.
  • Gothic (7) wheel reverse numbering heads offer many repeat sequences: 0,1,2,3,6 and 3 drop zero's
  • Each numbering head can be programmed individually for multiple numbering
  • Numbers virtually anywhere on a sheet, from lead edge and numbers within .01" of previous number
  • Number single sheets or crash number up to a 10 part carbonless form
  • Patented self-inking disposable ink cartridges: no re-inking required, (approx.) 25,000 impressions per cartridge. Ink available in red or black

Max Speed

  • Compression Crease 4,500 8.5 x 11 sph
  • Numbering up to 8,000 8.5 x 11 sph
  • Rotary Perf/Score 12,000 8.5 x 11 sph


Electrical: 115/230 50/60hz
Max Sheet size: 18” x 20 ” (45cm x 45cm)
Min Sheet size: 3” x 5” (8cm x 12cm)
Stock Weights: 16lb. - 16 point
Net Weight / Shipping Weight: 200 lbs / 250 lbs.
Shipping dimensions: 44" x 44" x 32"
Specifications for FC114 Digital Creasing and Numbering Machine
: Electrical
: Compression Crease 4500 8.5 x 11 sph Numbering up
: 16lb. - 16 point
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