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INTIMUS XL 17.00 Smart Shed

INTIMUS XL 17.00 Smart Shed
INTIMUS XL 17.00 Smart Shed

INTIMUS XL 17.00 Smart Shed

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Brand: Intimus


INTIMUS XL 17.00 Smart Shed


The Intimus XL 17.00 Smart shred series Industrial system is very easy to use, secure shred solution that can help to secure the data. This heavy-duty shredder is professionally disposed of sensitive data. The Intimus XL 17.00 can Shreds Paper, Boxes, Binders, Floppy Disks, Tape Media, Etc., Its high capacity cutting units, optimized and powerful drives, and fully automatic function control provide for  automated destruction of enormous amounts of whole files, computer printout lists, writing paper, and other high security material, with minimum expenses. 

The Intimus XL 17.00 convenient conveyor belt feed system makes quick work of any shred job. This XL 17.00 is equipped with a high powerful electric-powered geared drive which is designed to cope with thick loads of paper. The specially designed cutting chutes with a hardened tool, steel cutters provide high throughout put and operative shredding 


  • Featured with Smartshed touchscreen controls with session logging, maintenance reminders, and increased cutting efficiency
  • Shreds Paper, Boxes, Binders, Floppy Disks, Tape Media, Etc.,
  • Two shredding steps: From primary shredder – 1 3/16” strip cut – particles fall onto a conveyor belt and are transported directly to the cutting shafts of the security shredder
  • Automatic feed of material to pre-shredder via large feed conveyor and hopper
  • PLC-control with touchscreen
  • Precision cutting cylinders made from special hardened steel allow for high throughput volumes with minimal wear and low power consumption
  • Especially suited storage and compacting equipment is recommended for further processing of shredded particles. Simple storage solutions (containers), as well as specially configured compacting equipment for volume reduction can be supplied upon request.


Specifications for INTIMUS XL 17.00 Smart Shed
Power Supply: 15,8kw
Max Speed (ft/min):
Sheet Capacity (20lb - 16lb):
Shred Size (in.): 15/64” x 19/32-1 31/32”
Throat Opening (in.):
HP (output):
Auto on/off: no
Auto Reverse: yes
Motor Duty Cycle: Continuous
Bag Full Auto Off: yes
Bag Full Indicator: yes
Accepts CDs/Credit Cards: yes
Accepts Staples/Paper Clips: yes
Shipping Weight: 1322.77 lbs
Dimensions: 205"W x 39"D x 106" H
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