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WySign Check Signing Software

WySign Check Signing Software
WySign Check Signing Software

WySign Check Signing Software

Price: $995.00

Our Price: $795.00

Brand: Wycom

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TOP Selling Check Signing Software!

Turn your laser or inkjet printer into a secure check signer. 

No additional equipment is required to automatically sign unlimited checks quickly and securely without the need for a conventional check signing machine.  The WySigner is loaded on a flash drive for easy use on any computer and safe storage when not in use.

Using your existing printer and computer, WySign will apply signature, graphics, or custom messages securely to your checks.  Place the checks into your designated printer then log in with your username and password.  Select any of the unlimited pre-loaded templates or signatures available, enter the total number of checks to process, then print the job to the designated printer.  WySign will process the checks and record the transaction in an event log for audit tracking and security.

WySign Offers:

  • Top level security:  Wycom uses signature encryption to secure the signature on the USB Drive.  Additional signature backgrounds are offered for additional fraud protection.  Admin level control allows for designated user limitations for essential tasks like check signing, report printing or overlay creation.
  • Unmatched printer support: WySign is compatible with nearly 100% of today's printers.  This gives businesses the ability to continue using existing hardware.
  • Easy overlay templates: Using the preassigned graphic template, WySign does all the measuring for you so new templates are quick and easy to set up.
  • Easy operation: Insert the WySign USB drive then log-in with a secure username and password, choose your overlay, enter the total number of checks to sign, and print.
  • Audit trail: The WySign audit log tracks every check signed – showing you the accurate detail of which user signed checks, when, and the overlays and signatures they used.
  • Tremendous flexibility: Use the WySign USB key on any computer, with no need to install special software on a dedicated workstation. WySign supports an unlimited number of check overlays and signatures – offering the flexibility to customize check signing to your needs.

Login: Admin -  No Password

Let our experts assist your AP department: 

  • Transition to CLOUD BASED ACH Payments for vendors and customers
  • Install, train, and service Check Signing Software
  • Install and service Check Signing machines

We offer commercial check signing machines, check signing software, and ACH software.  All our software will accommodate laser and dot matrix printers used for check printing. Whether your company has accounts payable, payroll, or other types of check and AP disbursements, we have the expertise to assist with selecting, installing, and servicing your system. 

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