How to Choose the Right Check Signing Solution?

Check signing options

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Paying customers, vendors and employees is the foundation of every business but each year accounting departments are faced with new challenges to complete this basic task.  The element of fraud surrounds the payment industry so it's an ongoing threat companies must protect against. Automating the check signing process adds significant safety and security to the payment work flow so below we will help guide you through selecting the best solution for your business model.

Security, control, and automation are all important factors when considering the right check signing solution.  We recommend addressing these six important issues before selecting, upgrading, or adding an automated check signing solution for your company.  

  1. How many checks do you send out?
  2. How many accounts do you have? For example, one accounting department may process AP and Payroll checks for multiple subsidiary companies.
  3. How many people will be processing checks and from how many computers?
  4. How many signers will be on the checks and how often do they change?
  5. How many bank accounts rare used?
  6. What level of security does your company require based on internal audit compliance or established workflow protocol? 

In this article we will address selecting a check signing solution based only on the check processing volume a company currently has or is expecting and on companies that require frequent updates to their system.

  • Processing under 100 checks per run.

We have two check signing software recommendations and one mechanical solution for this volume of signing.

ezSigner video

SOFTWARE ~ OPTION #1: The EzSigner Check Signing Software. ($895.00) The EzSigner is an inexpensive solution utilized as a two pass or single pass system.  Two pass processing is when checks are printed with the standard check data, then placed back on the printer and run through a second time for signatures.  Two pass processing gives added efficiency and security by allowing the company to set up one person with processing and printing authority while requiring a second to approve and process the signature.  A single pass system adds check data and signatures at the same time during printing.  

The  EzSigner is password protected and includes a secure audit trail report log keeping track of the users login including the day, time, printer used, and number of checks issued during the session. Choose from several different and unique security signature backgrounds. The EzSigner can also produce color backgrounds if processed with a color printer and a unique security graphic, additional graphics or watermarks can be included. The EzSigner can add signatures and graphics to any document passed through the printer. It offers unlimited signature storage and is compatible with all laser and ink jet printers. Completely independent of system and application software.

The EzSigner software uses encryption built into the signature and recorded in the security audit log for added security and storage of the saved files. See the  Demo Video for a good overview of the software.  Like most programs you can load a free trial to test the full version for 30 days. The program is easy to use and takes no special skills or calls to tech support to begin using.  Cost starts at $895.00

Wysign USB

SOFTWARE ~ OPTIONS #2: The Wysign USB Check Signer. ($795.00)  The Wysign uses signature encryption to secure the signature on a USB Drive instead of loading software on a computer. Additional signature backgrounds are offered for additional fraud protection. Admin level control allows for designated user limitations for essential tasks like check signing, report printing or overlay creation.  Insert the USB into any computer and store when not in use.  This allows the signature program to be used on any computer when needed with nothing more than the admin login to the program.  Cost starts at $795.00

Widmer Automatic Check Signer

MECHANICAL ~ OPTION #1: The Widmer S-3-C ($850.00) single sheet mechanical check signer. The  Widmer S-3-C Check Signer is a simple solution for simple secure check signing. The operation and signature plate access are controlled by a secure dual key lock system. The Widmer S-3 offers automatic check signing by simply inserting your check! Choose between the Widmer S-3-C or Widmer R-3-S.  Either Widmer unit is perfect for small check runs but can easily process 100's of checks if needed.  The S-3-C includes an extra key for security and a permanent counter. Other than these features the units are identical. Cost starts at $850.00

  • 100 or more checks per check run

With one hundred or more checks to sign per check run, most companies and organizations are looking for efficiency and automation but security is essential.. One of the most productive and cost effective check signing solutions in the market is the  Wycom Enterprise Check Signer ($2795.00) It securely prints and signs checks in one step but also uses the most current encryption to protect all data contained in this server mount unit.

Password controlled with an audit counter and signature suppression limits provide the safety and controls your company demands for an appropriate audit trail.

WyCom control panel login view

Wycom Check Approval Login Page

The  Wycom Enterprise is compatible with dot matrix or laser printers and easily interfaces with any existing hardware and software. No signatures reside on in the local computer or network. Signatures are stored on an encrypted eprom chip inside the unit.

No changes to current accounting applications are required and no software is loaded. Each Wycom Enterprise check signer is programmed to only recognize the current application software and in house printer assigned during installation making the unit impossible to hack.

Print to any existing pre-printed laser or dot-matrix checks or choose the MICR check option that allows you to print to high security blank check stock. Add another layer of security to your check printing by having the virtual check forms secured under lock and key. An added benefit to the MICR check option is your company can save up to  50% on check printing costs. Print check forms, purchase orders, W-9s, or any frequently used form.

Since the Wycom unit can print to any number of printers and access can be set up remotely, this unit is a favorite solution for banks, escrow companies, and credit unions to process checks.  Cost starts at $2795.00

  • If you use more than eight check forms or if your adding new accounts on a regular basis, then we recommend the Secure Check 9 by AP Technology.

The  Secure Check ($1495.00) is an ideal check signing and printing solution for companies and organization with more than eight different accounts or if new accounts need to be added or modified often. Create new check forms quickly and easily. Secure Check offers tremendous cost savings by eliminating the need purchase and secure different pre-printed check stock, W9's, invoices, or other forms. The Secure Check program is a full service software solution so separate programs are not needed to print quarterly or end of year forms. 

The  Secure Check Premium version prevents fraud with checks and balances with signature signing limits, e-mail notifications, print history, event logs, PDF check images, and batch approval at every stage of check processing. Create form graphic overlays for any number of checking accounts. Easily edit and add new check forms including company names, account numbers, and bank routing numbers. All modifications are secured by administrator controls including signature signing limits for each checking account.

The  Secure Check Premium System can manually print checks without accessing your accounting software. Secure Check audit controls include exportable CSV files . Each time checks are printed, an audit trail will be captured and securely stored at the host.

All Secure Check versions will print a security watermark across the surface of the check. Six levels of security permissions can be assigned for each Secure Check user. Remote Double Login requirements are also assignable, where an administrator is notified and must log in and approve the user before they are granted access. The premium version has an optional security feature that can send e-mail notifications to specified recipients. These notifications include notice check printing has occurred (including the account and printer), detailed or summary audits, notice to administrator of excessive failed log ins, notice of checks over specified amounts. and notice to administrator regarding form changes.

Secure Check works with virtually any software program and operating system and no modification of software is required. Checks print directly from the current software application software and not to a file.

Secure Check Premium Check Signing and Print System

Widmer High Speed Check signer

Mechanical solution for organizations signing over 100 checks per check run:  The Widmer RS High Speed Check Signer. The RS check signer will sign 200 checks per minute. Load 200 checks at a time in the high capacity feed and securely finish your check signing in minutes. The Widmer RS is equipped with locks, an audit counter, and the ability to remove the signature plates. Optional tri-color ink rollers are available for extra security against fraud.  Different check formats are no problem. The RS can be programmed for up to nine different check formats. 

For international customers or large agencies still using continuous forms or Dot Matrix Checks.

Martin Yale 930A

We recommend the  Martin Yale 930A Continuous Form Check Signer.  It's an easy to operate reliable signer for dot matrix pin feed checks. The Martin Yale 930A will sign 3.5-inch or 7.0-.inch checks quickly at a speed of 240 documents per minute. It is very secure with a key locked removable signature plate, a power on lock and key, and a non-reset counter.  Parts are readily available and Martin Yale offers black or tri-color ink rollers.

Martin Yale 930A Continuous Form Check Signer

With over 25 years experience, we have the expertise to recommend the right solution for all of your check signing and check processing needs.

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