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WYCOM Enterprise Check Signer

WYCOM Enterprise Check Signer
WYCOM Enterprise Check Signer test

WYCOM Enterprise Check Signer

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Brand: Wycom

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The Wycom Enterprise check signer is our most secure check signing system. The Enterprise check signing solution securely stores signatures, logos, and check form overlays off of your computer system.  Browser-based log-ins are protected by secure passwords.  An audit counter and signature suppression at predetermined dollar thresholds add additional security.  An optional additional layer of security can be implemented by storing your own virtual check forms, which saves money and adds extra security. 

The Enterprise is a preferred solution for accounts payable and payroll departments of all types and sizes including banks, credit unions, fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and government entities.  Wycom is application software independent form the main computer and pre-programmed for easy plug and play installation. It is compatible with all Windows, Unix and AS-400 ERP systems. 

There is no down time to get started and no need to learn a new application.  Connect the Wycom Enterprise to your network, assign log-in access to authorized users, and you are ready to go. Productively print and sign your checks at the same time with security and control.


  • Executive Control: The Wycom Enterprise check signer stores signatures off your computer system and is protected with secure passwords.
  • Executive Authorizes: Provides signature suppression amount limits to a pre-determined dollar amount.
  • Enhanced Security: Each Wycom unit is programmed to recognize only your checks generated from your software.
  • External Control: Will only print to the intended destination printer.
  • Can print to either blank check stock or pre-printed check stock.
  • Saves time and offers greater efficiency by printing and signing checks in a single pass, directly off the printer.
  • The Wycom Enterprise check signer can print as many signatures as you wish per check and print to as many different accounts you might have. (e.g., Payroll, Accounts Payable, Expense Claims, Purchase Orders, etc.).
  • Non-resettable counters keep an accurate tally of checks for audit control.
  • Offers a unique "protected amount" that secures the dollar pay amount with a forgery-resistant graphic
  • The Enterprise check signer can produce manual checks without a computer in the event of computer system failure.
  • Provides a simple upgrade path for dot matrix customers to print to laser printers.
  • Simple set up.  No new software to learn or load on your system.  All the programming is done at the factory to your specifications.  You simply connect it to your network.  Any new forms or signatures are simply downloaded.
  • Image Archiving PDF Option.

With the MICR Laser Check Printing option:

  • The Wycom Enterprise check signer can create forms with graphics, logos, and MICR account numbers.
  • All virtual check forms are store on the hardware adding another layer of security.
  • Saves approximately 50% on check printing costs.
  • Can produce non-negotiable check copies.
  • Automatic Archival Option:  The Wycom Enterprise can automatically store check images as PDFs or PCL to your existing imaging system – cutting paper costs, eliminating manual scanning, saving storage space, and speedy check retrieval.


  • The Enterprise check signer requires no computer hardware or software changes.
  • Works with any HP or HP-compatible (Lexmark, Brother, Okidata, Xerox, etc) printer supporting PCL5.
  • Connects 10/100 Base T Ethernet with built-in print server (or local USB or parallel connection).
  • Print server supports NetBIOS, LPR/LPD and Raw 9100 networking protocols.
  • Compatible with most dot matrix printers.
  • Supports laser or dot-matrix printers in a networked environment.
  • Windows 10 compatible.


  • 17" L x 8" D x 1.75" H
  • Shipping Weight  9 lbs  

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