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TRIUMPH Model 4705 Paper Cutter

TRIUMPH Model 4705 Paper Cutter

TRIUMPH Model 4705 Paper Cutter

Price: $3,699.00

Our Price: $3,299.00


Brand: Triumph

SKU: CU1462L

The MBM Triumph 4705 is a 18" manual tabletop cutter that has a precision measuring scale on front table, precision-ground guide plates and solid-steel blade carrier. The 4705 paper cutter also has a transparent safety guard on the front and back table. Blade changes and cutting stick rotation can be done without removing covers. The spindle clamping system on the Triumph 4705 applies even pressure along the entire cutting width.

Optional: Stand ($239.00)

Table top model (stand optional)

Specifications for TRIUMPH Model 4705 Paper Cutter
Cutting Width: 18 3/4"
Cutting Height: 2 3/4"
Narrow Cut: 1 3/16"
Cutting Length Behind Blade: 18 1/4"
Cutting Length Front of Blade: 8 1/8"
Clamp: spindle
Manual or Electric: manual
Stand: optional
Measurement Readout: front scale
LED Optional Cutting Line: no
Motor: n/a
Power: n/a
Ship Weight: 297 lbs
Dimensions: 20"H x 40 1/2"W x 34 3/8"D
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