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Cassida C500 Heavy Duty Coin Counter

Price: $550.00

Our Price: $455.99

Brand: Cassida

SKU: C500

The Cassida C500 coin counter/off-sorter combines the most demanded coin counter features into a tough, compact, and portable machine. The C500 counts at speeds up to 2,200 coins a minute from its 4,000 count (dimes) coin hopper.

The C500 also includes a memory function along with all the counting modes you would expect to find on larger machines. Available in all modes is the capability to count one denomination while sorting out all other coins.

The C500 has a coin dimension adjustment that allows it to work with just about any token or coin, including Canadian and Mexican.

  • Operating Modes include count, batch, add and offsort
  • Counting speed of up to 2,200 coins per minute
  • Lightweight, compact, foldable and easy to carry
  • Fast, accurate, and reliable
  • Works with all US, Canadian, and Mexican coins and most tokens
  • Includes coin tube set for wrapping pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters


*1 year full parts and labor warranty

Specifications for Cassida C500 Heavy Duty Coin Counter
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