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HSM ProfiPack 425

HSM ProfiPack 425
HSM ProfiPack 425

HSM ProfiPack 425

Price: $8,530.00

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Brand: HSM

SKU: HSM1531


The HSM ProfiPack 425 industrial cardboard perforating shredder will create free packaging material with your old used cardboard. Eliminate cardboard removal charges and reduce packing material costs by using this powerful cardboard perforating unit. Flatten a large box of double wall corrugate and feed it into the 3/4" feed opening. The 5.3 HP motor will produce a protective packing mat as fast as you feed the cardboard through the opening. Produces soft pliable packing material for the most fragile of shipping items.

The fixed measuring guide on the feed opening allows the user to adjust the size of each strip passed through the opening.  Makes packing material and thin as .5" and as wide as 16.75".  Offers flexible material production for all possible packing needs.

Companies can easily do their part to save natural resources by recycling packing material.  No longer dispose of inbound packing boxes and dramatically cut the cost of new packing material by installing the ProfiPack 425.

The 425 industrial cardboard shredder requires very little maintenance. Each unit is manufactured with hardened heavy duty cutting cylinders guaranteed with a ten year warranty. The 425 also includes a one year on-site warranty on all other parts and labor. The ProfiPack 425 industrial cardboard shredder will provide your shipping department with years of productive, cost saving service.

Warranty: One Year Parts & Labor.

  • Powerful 5.35 horsepower continuous cycle duty motor.
  • Fast 39.5 feet per minute.
  • Perforates two sheets of double wall cardboard at the same time.
  • Cuts mat size and perforates in a single process.
  • Excellent padding protection for the most fragile of items.
  • Hardened cutting cylinders and heavy duty bearing plates.
  • Meets all USA and ANS international safety standards.
  • Optional dust extraction vacuum kit.
  • Warranty: ten years on cutters, one year all other parts, one year labor.

Specifications for HSM ProfiPack 425
Feed Thickness: 3/4"
Cutting Capacity: 2 double wall layers
Cutter Feed Width: 16 3/4" per pass
Cutting Speed: 39 1/2 fpm
Motor (hp): 5 1/3 hp
Power: 208 -220 volt 3 phase 60 hz 20 amp
Ship Weight: 462 lbs
Dimensions: 38" H x 27 1/2" W x 19" D
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