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Formax FD390 Air Feed Document Folder

Formax FD390 Air Feed Document Folder

Formax FD390 Air Feed Document Folder

Price: $8,995.00

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Brand: Formax

SKU: FD390

The Formax FD390 high speed document folder is ideal for virtually any high volume application such as mail rooms, print shops or mail houses. The bottom in-feed air system allows for continuous loading of forms and the extended out-feed stacker cuts the time for the unloading of folded documents which helps to increase efficiency.

Easy setup is also a feature as seven common fold settings are located on the out-feed stacker. Microadjustment knobs can be used to fin-tune the stopper position making accurate and crisp folds every time.

  • Bottom Air Feed
  • Rigid Steel Fold Plates
  • Adjustable Side Guides
  • 5 Digit Counter
  • Fold documents from 3" x 5" to 14" x 20"
  • Variable speed for up to 35,000 per hour
  • User friendly control panel


Specifications for Formax FD390 Air Feed Document Folder
Stacker Capacity:
Paper Size:
Paper Weight:
Pre-Programmed Folds:
Fold Types:
Paper Feed Tray Capacity:
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