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Formax FD3200 Tabletop Air Suction Folder

Formax FD3200 Tabletop Air Suction Folder

Formax FD3200 Tabletop Air Suction Folder

Price: $8,295.00

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Brand: Formax

SKU: FD3200

The FD3200 air-suction document folder is a compact tabletop unit that offers high performance folding, ideal for digitally printed documents on heavy and coated stock. The air-suction feed technology reduces static electricity and minimizes feed marks common in traditional friction feed systems.

With a speed of up to 260 sheets per minute, and a feed tray capacity of up to 625 sheets, the FD3200 quickly goes through a range of applications, all at the touch of a button, while optical double feed detection ensures document integrity. Fan speed and air flow can be adjusted independently using the interactive control panel and external adjustment knobs, accommodating a variety of paper weights and sizes.

  • Automatic paper size detection and fold plate settings
  • Control Panel with LCD display
  • 6 programmed fold settings, ability to store up to 20 custom folds
  • Cross folding guide
  • 4-digit counter with batch counting capability
  • 4 fold rollers for accuracy
  • Optional Side Air Kit to enhance feeding of heavier stock and larger sheets of paper


Specifications for Formax FD3200 Tabletop Air Suction Folder
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Paper Size:
Paper Weight:
Pre-Programmed Folds:
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Paper Feed Tray Capacity:
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