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Ameri-shred Hard Drive Shredder. AMS-500HD Series 2

Ameri-shred Hard Drive Shredder.  AMS-500HD Series 2
Ameri-shred Hard Drive Shredder.  AMS-500HD Series 2 series 2

Hard drive shredder

hard drive series 2

Truck mount series 2


Ameri-shred Hard Drive Shredder. AMS-500HD Series 2

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Brand: Ameri-shred


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The Made is America AMS-500HD HARD DRIVE SHREDDER by Ameri-Shred is the most affordable high capacity 5 HP, 7.5 HP, &10 HP Hard Drive and electronic media shredder on the market. 

Built to order and custom designed to fit your specific needs.  Able to shred from 450 to 2000 drives per hour. Pick your color, shred size, and Horsepower.


ModelHPShred WidthServer Drives / Hour Standard Drives / Hour
AMS-1000HD101 1/2"10002000
AMS-750HD7.51 1/2"9001800
AMS-500HD51 1/2"7501500

Perfect for large businesses who need to protect private data on electronic media prior to disposal. Designed to meet the strictest standards of destruction.  Used by government offices, government contractors, hospitals, data farms, data destruction operations, and anyone needing to permanently destroy large quantities of hard drives, optical media, cell phones, tablets, smartphones, blackberries, and assorted electronic devices or e-waste. 

The AMS-500HD  has an optional variable speed feed belt with hopper for increased production or commercial operators. Designed for destruction of large quantities of hard drives, optical media, cell phones, tablets, smartphones, blackberries, and assorted electronic devices or e-waste.

Optional HEPA filter keeps work area clean and protects employees from harmful dust. Ultra quiet operation at under 88 dB while operating.

Optional Colors available with custom Laser Logos burned on unit to brand your company.  Truck mount for mobile operations also available.

  • Specifications Feed opening (inches): 5 x 2 
  • Electrical requirements (volts): 3 Phase 208,230, or 460 Volt
  • Feed Opening: 8" x 2.5"  (11" x 2.5" optional)
  • Shred Size: 1.5" Wide and Random particles
  • Performance (approx.): 2000 pieces per hour 
  • Maximum horsepower: 5 (7.5 optional)
  • Shipping weight (pounds): 2700
  • Dimensions: 54"W x 50"H x 30"D. 
  • Depth with Feed Belt and conveyor: 82"
  • 1 yr parts and service warranty.
Specifications for Ameri-shred Hard Drive Shredder. AMS-500HD Series 2
Power Supply:
Max Speed (ft/min):
Sheet Capacity (20lb - 16lb):
Shred Size (in.):
Throat Opening (in.):
HP (output):
Auto on/off:
Auto Reverse:
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