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How to Choose a Paper Shredder

Just as with computers, copiers, and fax machines, paper shredders have become a necessity. In this information age, improperly disposing of your sensitive documents can lead from embarrassment to financial loss to legal action.

Considerations for selecting a Cross Cut or Strip Cut Model

Cross Cut Shredders

  • Maximum security
  • Smaller particles fill shred bag slower, usually four to five times less bag changes
  • Requires oiling cutter every 30 minutes of accumulative shredding (simply spray into the cutter)

    Strip Cut Shredders

  • Feature more sheets per pass (faster shredding)
  • Less expensive than cross cut models and less expensive to repair
  • Less maintenance (oiling)
  • Cutter heads less sensitive to metal objects, such as paper clips


    For Military or Military Contractors, Meets Department of Defense requirements.
    Top Secret Military Specifications Security Level Six, 1mm" x 4.8mm" cut

Critical Considerations When Selecting a Shredder

  1. The amount of paper to be shredded (boxes or reams) per day or week.
  2. Sheets per pass shredder will take
  3. Speed, (feet per minute)
  4. These three factors will determine the time it takes to shred and size of shredder to choose.

Other Considerations

  • Entry Width: Paper size 8 x 11 ", 16" computer paper, and/or other sizes
  • Speed: Feet per minute
  • Motor: Horsepower (often machines are geared slower for more sheets per pass, but the feet per minute is slower resulting in a more time-consuming operation)
  • Electronic Features: Automatic start/stop, container full indicator, auto reverse during paper jams
  • Noise Level: If shredder is going to be near a work area, be sure to check its sound level.

Do not underestimate your capacity needs, and don't forget to allow for growth. Our expert sales staff can help you select the right capacity shredder without over purchasing or under purchasing for your requirements.