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Envelope stuffing business from home scam?

Posted on by Advantage Business Equipment
Image Envelope stuffing business from home scam?

Do people still fall for this? Yes, they do!

Last week we had a client call about purchasing an envelope stuffing machine. She said she had a chance to work from home making money stuffing envelopes for other people. She noticed online we offered a machine that does this automatically so she thought she could really turn this into a full-time business working at home and taking care of her son.

I spent a few minutes discouraging her from spending money on a machine while educating her on the fact these programs have been around for years and are basic scams. FTC Alert - Envelope Stuffing SCAM.

For those not familiar, these are the ads you may see online, in newspapers, or on local bulletin boards offering you to make money at home by working just a few hours a day stuffing envelopes. The fee is usually modest, maybe only $10, to cover the cost of sending the start up kit. It seems harmless but what you get is a PDF file of the flyer telling people to send you $10 to start your own business from home stuffing envelopes.

I told her to do some research! I explained to her since there are machines designed to do this automatically, why would a company hire somebody to do it?

There are folding stuffing machines /formax-fd-6102-folder-and-inserter and there are also pressure sealer machines that require no envelopes at all. /pressure-sealers

This machine folds then seals the paper in one process so it's ready to mail!

Everyone at Advantage Business Equipment is educated on the proper use of all our equipment so when a customer calls for advice, not only can we guide them to the correct machine, sometimes we can help them avoid a costly mistake.

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