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VS Security DataGauss XL Degausser

VS Security DataGauss XL Degausser

VS Security DataGauss XL Degausser

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Brand: VS Products

SKU: DataGuassxl

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The DataGauss XL Degausser is the most versatile, fast, and powerful continuous duty degausser available. Developed in 2014 by VS Security with over 30 years of deguausser experience, the XL comes with a full two year warranty.

DataGauss XL is a state-of-the-art Pulse Technology degausser with an extra large degaussing chamber to accommodate both standard and extra large (full height) Hard Disk Drives and Backup Tapes.

VS Products DataGuass Xl is their most powerful compact continuous DataGauss with a range so that storage devices up to 6˝” x 1⅝” x 4˝” (165mm x 42mm x 114mm) can be securely erased. The DataGauss XL benefits from state-of-the-art pulse technology and a fast and powerful continuous operation, yet it is compact and simple to operate. Media that can be erased include Hard Drives that use Perpendicular and Longitudinal recording techniques up to 5000 Oersted’s and all common backup tapes. 

The DataGauss XL is a compact table top, chamber degausser, making operation safe, effective and simple for everyone. Operators slide the catch and the lid lifts up automatically. Place the media into the media compartment and close the lid. The erase cycle is started by pressing the "erase’" button on the control panel which activates the charging of the powerful degaussing magnetic field. When the display says the degauss cycle is complete the lid can be opened and the media removed. The entire process takes only 45 seconds. Throughout the whole erase cycle the on board processor monitors the erase procedure ensuring that it is completed correctly. The operator is immediately alerted to any interruptions in the cycle by messages on the LCD control panel. 

With safety in mind and to meet the latest ICNIRP Magnetic Exposure Guidelines, the DataGauss XL field discharge duration is less than a second and the magnetic field is designed to be concentrated inside the chamber. 

Tailored Transport Case (Optional)

For transporting the DataGauss XL, or for safe storage when not in use, we have designed a robust transport case with convenient handle and wheels.

Specifications for VS Security DataGauss XL Degausser
: 110
: 45 sec per drive
: 70 hr
: NA
: 6.5"
: 9,000
: Yes
: NA
: Cont
: NA
: NA
: No
: No
: No
: 53
: 13.9" x 9.7" x 14.3"
: NA
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