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Triumph 4350 Automatic Paper Cutter

Triumph 4350 Automatic Paper Cutter
Triumph 4350 Automatic Paper Cutter

Triumph 4350 Automatic Paper Cutter

Price: $5,199.00

Our Price: $4,999.00

Brand: Triumph


Safe, Sleek, Easy Operation;

The Triumph 4350 Paper Cutter is perfect for offices buildings, teacher lounges, or any other place of business. 

This Patent designed Paper Cutter includes a transparent safety feature which, when lifted, prevents the blade from cutting. The safety cover must be completely flat before the blade will unlock, preventing even small fingers from reaching their way under the blade. 

All blade adjustments are operated outside of the reach of the blade, making it easy and secure to function the device. The German made steel blade is electronically controlled, and cuts only when the safety lock is unlocked, and the machine's main switch has been turned on. Further safety precautions ensue since, when changing the blade, a protective cover remains on the cutting edge. Thus,  you will never have to explicitly handle the sharp side of the blade. 


Weight (Ibs) 200
Dimensions (D x W x H) in 34.25" x 25" x 14"
Narrow cut (in) 1.4"
Cutting length behind the blade (in) 17"
Electrical Requirements 115V, 60Hz
Motor Output 0.6HP
Cutting width (in) 16.9"
Cutting height (in) 1.5"
Specifications for Triumph 4350 Automatic Paper Cutter
Cutting Width:
Cutting Height:
Narrow Cut:
Cutting Length Behind Blade:
Cutting Length Front of Blade:
Manual or Electric:
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