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Secure Check Legacy Premium Check Signing & Payment System

Secure Check Legacy Premium Check Signing & Payment System
Secure Check Legacy Premium Check Signing & Payment System

Secure Check Legacy Premium Check Signing & Payment System

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Brand: AP Technologies

SKU: Secure Check Legacy

Secure Check 9 Legacy Premium - High Security Check Signing and Processing

Secure Check 9 Legacy Premium Controls all stages of your check signing and processing with audit reports,  signing limits thresholds, multi-level user permissions, e-mail notifications, executive batch approval, check image archiving.  Easily integrates with all Windows, Unix, and AS-400 application ERP systems.  Automate and secure your entire payment check approval processing with robust security. such as batch approvals, e-mail notifications, event logs and audit reports.

Secure Check 9 Legacy Premium Check Signing System features and benefits include:

Strong Check Fraud Protection:

  • Secure Check 9 Legacy Premium is designed to prevent fraud at every stage of check processing.
  • Notifies check approvers before checks are printed.  Supervisor log in to approve/deny checks.
  • Keep specified recipients informed of important check printing activities via email notifications.
  • Improve internal controls with Secure Check’s detailed audit and event reporting including with Batch Approval Workflow feature.
  • Prevent check alteration and check duplication attempts with printed check security features (security watermarks and fonts).
  • Define number of signatures (0,1,2) are printed on each check based on the check amount. Signature suppression limits can be set over specified dollar amounts. 
  • Secure access to Secure Check with multi-level user permissions can be assigned including remote Double Log-In. An administrator is notified and must log in with a user before the user is granted access.

Efficiency & Cost Savings:

Secure Check 9 Legacy Premium Check signing and Processing System offers features that will add efficiency and cost savings.

  • Perform check sorting based on check number, zip code payee, date, amount, file name, overlay or batch number.
  • Automatically create and store a copy of each check in PDF format as checks are printed; eliminate the need to print and file paper copies.  
  • Save Money by creating all your internal check forms. Eliminate the need to purchase and securely store pre-printed forms.
  • If you change banks and or accounts numbers you can create new check forms and eliminate wasting check stock.  Easily edit a check form including company names, logos, or any other changes in minutes. All modifications are secured by administrator controls.


  • Secure Check 9 Legacy Premium works with virtually any application and operating system platform. No modification of your software is required.
  • Replace or swap check printers at anytime, plug and play
  • Secure Check will secure your company cost savings and productivity even if you change your application software or operating system in the future.
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