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Phiston MediaVise Rackmount Hard Drive Destroyer (MVR-HDD)

Phiston MediaVise Rackmount Hard Drive Destroyer (MVR-HDD)

Phiston MediaVise Rackmount Hard Drive Destroyer (MVR-HDD)

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Brand: Phiston


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Finally.. a Hard Disk Drive Destroyer thatís Rack Mountable and Safe for your Workplace, Data Center and Server Room.

The MVR-HDD's proprietary 20 ton crusher, and patented corrugated crushing plates, aggressively crush and grind together all the magnetic storage platter surfaces and sensitive read heads in HDDs, damaging every square inch of the media (not just a few holes, or parts of platters folded), making all data storage surfaces destroyed.

  • First and Only Rack-mountable HDD Destroyer
  • Safe, Clean and Secure for Data Centers


Size15.83 H x 28.37 L x 18.83 W (Occupies 9 standard rack unit spaces)
Weight181 lbs (excludes packing and crating)
Power Requirements120 VAC 13A / 240VAC 7A, factory configured.
Maximum Media Size5.75Ē x 4Ē x 1.25Ē
Destruction Chamber Capacity1 full size HDD, 2 laptop HDDs
Media that machine designed to destroy2.5" and 3.5" HDDs, cell phones, circuit boards, PDAs. Will also crush and destroy SSDs.
Destruction Cycle TimeLess than 30 seconds
Destruction Modality20 ton force that can only be achieved by our proprietary hydraulic power module.

Patented corrugated interlocking crushing plates destroy magnetic data storage platters, circuit boards and read/write heads of HDD. Crushes SSDs and small electronic devices.

Deployment/ TransportabilityRack mounted in EIA standard server rack
Machine Control/ MonitoringSlide out to turn on. Status LEDs, microprocessor controlled processes
Media FeedingGravity assisted, top loaded, one HDD at a time
Debris CollectionLocked, secure debris collection drawer that holds up to 25 destroyed HDDs and can only be opened by an authorized operator with an access code. Window in drawer allows inspection of debris.
Jam/UnjamUser initiated unjam cycle, as well as manual unjam
SafetyCompletely automatic, hands-off operation. Lock-out doors to prevent operation if doors are not completely closed preventing hands or pieces of clothing from being carelessly caught in the crushing chamber. 

User never has to touch potentially dangerous debris.
HEPA Filtration to meet MRV8 air quality standard.

Maintenance/ LongevityCrushing plates never need replacing. 

No blades to be replaced or sharpened

Technical supportOn-call technical support service department; nationwide and international technical support team that can be deployed if and when repairs or maintenance needed.
Specifications for Phiston MediaVise Rackmount Hard Drive Destroyer (MVR-HDD)
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