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Panasonic WV-SW158 Super Dynamic Security Camera

Panasonic WV-SW158 Super Dynamic Security Camera
Panasonic WV-SW158 Super Dynamic Security Camera

Panasonic WV-SW158 Super Dynamic Security Camera

Price: $759.00

Our Price: $550.00

Brand: Panasonic Security System


Subtle design, HD monitoring, Detail oriented Facial Recording;

This Compact Dome shaped Security Camera is perfect for all your important home/office monitoring. 


Super Dynamic Technology: With Adaptive Black Stretch (ADS) technologies, this camera gives you greater range of sight, as well as clear facial recognition so that even faces on the outskirts of your camera's range will still have enough detail to make an identification if need be. 

Customizable Privacy Zones: Whether you'd like to protect your personal art or the private data on your computer monitor, the Panasonic WV-SW158 provides up to eight privacy zones which you can customize to your liking. This also can be customized so that movement outside your window won't set off the motion detectors. 

Email or Browser Notification: Video Motion Detection and Panasonic Alarm Command can trigger the alarm system, sending an email or browser notification directly to you and yours.

Smart Coding Technology: GOP removes superfluous information from the frame so as to provide for most efficient coding.

High Light Compensation (HLC): HLC technology prevents the camera from being blinded by immense light that might come from sunshine or headlights. 

Other Features: 

  • Dust/Fog resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Motion activated
  • 1080p High Definition Images up to 30 fps
  • 3x digital zoom operated from browser
  • Smart Coding Technology
  • Includes Multi-Process Noise Reduction
  • Programmable in multiple languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese)
  • Progressive scan provides clear images even with movement
  • Day/Night Vision
  • H.264 Maximum bit rate
Specifications for Panasonic WV-SW158 Super Dynamic Security Camera
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