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What are Industrial Paper Shredders?

Posted on by Advantage Business Equipment

The term “industrial” as a description of paper shredders is often misstated as often as the term “heavy duty” paper shredders.  Getting away from the generic terms and finding definition as it relates to industry standards for industrial paper shredders is as follows.

Industrial paper shredders have either conveyor belts or hopper systems that allow large volumes of paper to be fed directly into the cutting cylinder system.   While large office paper shredders are limited with 110/120 volt power, to 30 to 40 sheets fed per pass, an entry level cross cut industrial paper shredder will shred at a minimum 65 sheets per pass and with larger models with more powerful motors up to 600 sheets per pass.

Industrial paper shredders are powered with 208/220 volt, three-phase continuous duty motors that allow for hours of non-stop continuous document destruction.  Quick feeding conveyor belt systems load media to be destroyed at maximum efficiency. These shredders destroy hundreds of lbs. of secured material per hour.

The top selling brands of industrial shredders in the US are KobraIntimusHSMDestroyit, and Ameri-shred.  Each brand offers a unique value concept in their industrial shredder line. As authorized dealers for these lines, we will describe the strengths and differences with each manufacturer.

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