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Intimus 175 Hybrid High Security Office Shredder

Intimus 175 Hybrid High Security Office Shredder
Intimus 175 Hybrid High Security Office Shredder

Intimus 175 Hybrid High Security Office Shredder

Price: $4,930.00


Brand: Intimus

SKU: 175-Hybrid

Intimus 175 Hybrid High-Security Office Shredder


The Intimus 175 hybrid Security shredder is the first Intimus shredder which combines both functions in one machine. The Intimus 175 hybrid utilizes the latest innovative cutting technology. The solid cutting shafts are made out of a special material which is divided into two segments. Both parts are using a different geometrical design, optimized for the requirements of the destruction of optical media and paper.

The Intimus 175 hybrid Security P7 shredder is powered 1.5 HP continuous-duty motor uses less energy with efficient power technology. Equipped with low-noise technology, a very large 47-gallon shred bin capacity in a dustproof cabinet, and automatic reverse when overloaded. The Intimus 175 hybrid has an i-control system that instantly informs the user of shredder status which adds to long-term, trouble-free use by giving visual feedback to the user. The Intimus175 hybrid will shred up to 10 sheets per pass


  • Hybrid design can shred optical media and paper documents simultaneously.
  • Waste material is sorted into individual bins for ease of recycling.
  • Waste catch baskets can be easily removed and replaced by users.
  • User-friendly i-control consoles allow for ease of operation.
  • Ecologic energy management system maximizes energy efficiency.
  • An automatic oiling unit improves performance and extends the operational lifetime. 


Specifications for Intimus 175 Hybrid High Security Office Shredder
Power Supply: 110-120V
Max Speed (ft/min): 465
Sheet Capacity (20lb - 16lb): 8-10
Shred Size (in.): 1.2 x 2mm
Throat Opening (in.): 10.43"
HP (output): 1.5
Auto on/off: yes
Auto Reverse: yes
Bag Full Auto Off: yes
Bag Full Indicator: yes
Accepts CDs/Credit Cards: Yes
Accepts Staples/Paper Clips: Yes
Shipping Weight: 198.4 lbs
Dimensions: 41.3" H x 26" W x 22" D
Waste Bin: 25.3 gal Paper/ 11.8 gal Optical
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