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Fireproof Fireking 3 Drawer Legal Safe-in-a-File Cabinet

Fireproof Fireking 3 Drawer Legal Safe-in-a-File Cabinet
Fireproof Fireking 3 Drawer Legal Safe-in-a-File Cabinet

Fireproof Fireking 3 Drawer Legal Safe-in-a-File Cabinet

Price: $5,255.00

Our Price: $3,099.00

Brand: Fireking

SKU: 3-2131-CSF

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Fireking Fireproof File Cabinet

3 Drawer Vertical File Cabinet and Safe (3-2131-CSF)

Fireproof Fireking 3 Drawer Legal Safe-in-a-File

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The Fireking Safe-in-a-File 3 Drawer Legal File Cabinet contains a fireproof cabinet safe inside the topmost file with a 2.4 cubic foot capacity. It features 100% gypsum fireproof insulation and is water resistant to damage from sprinklers and fire hoses. Each drawer is a separate insulated container that securely locks with a UL®-listed Group II combination lock. The welded-steel drawer heads are filled with fireproof insulation and the drawer pulls are surface mounted to provide extra insulation. The cabinet body is composed of scratch-resistant and replaceable steel panels to provide a lifetime of quality appearance. Securely store your important documents and hide your valuables knowing that they are protected from fire, water damage, impact, and explosion.

Spec sheet  -  User Manual

  • Safe interior has 2.44 cubic feet capacity and is made of 3/16" hot rolled steel. 
  • Safe door is constructed of 1/4" steel. 
  • 100% gypsum fireproof insulation reinforced by 14-gauge galvanized welded steel wire lattice.
  • Field replaceable and scratch resistant steel panels are coated with environmentally-friendly electrostatic powder coating on all sides, including the bottom.
  • Field replaceable welded steel drawer heads with fireproof insulation.
  • Maintenance-free drawer suspensions.
  • UL® Fire & Impact rating and tested to withstand 1 hour of exterior fire exposure at 1700°F, a 2000°F explosion test, and a 30-foot drop.
  • Intertek water resistant verified.
  • Electronic Media Protection with ETL Intertek Electronic Media 30 minute verification label.
  • Fireking Limited Lifetime Warranty on all mechanical and operable parts; 2-year warranty on labor.

Fireking 2 Drawer Legal Safe-in-a-File Specs:

  • Height: 40 1/2"
  • Width: 20 13/16"
  • Depth:  31



  • Interior Height: 10 3/8"
  • Interior Width: 15 1/4"
  • Interior Depth:  26"
  • Weight:  644 lbs.
Specifications for Fireproof Fireking 3 Drawer Legal Safe-in-a-File Cabinet
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