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Duplo V590 Cut Sheet Cutter / Forms Burster

Duplo V590 Cut Sheet Cutter / Forms Burster
Duplo V590 Cut Sheet Cutter / Forms Burster

Duplo V590 Cut Sheet Cutter / Forms Burster

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Brand: Duplo

SKU: DUPLOModelV-590

The Duplo V-590 is a top of the line cut sheet cutter and burster. Uniquely designed to process cut sheet forms from a laser printer 

The Duplo V-590 will automatically feed the forms, cut, slit, or perforate in the desired location. The Duplo V-590 cut sheet cutter delivers precise razor sharp edges on every finished piece. It is ideal for multiple-item-per-page forms such as checks, coupons, notices, tickets, invoices, certificates and labels. 

  • Speed: 44 sheets per minute. 2640 sheets/hr
  • Form size: 4"x 4" up to 14 1/2" x 18" 
  • Feed tray capacity: 500 sheets of 20 lb.
  • PAPER WEIGHT 58 - 157 gsm 
  • MINIMUM LENGTH 2” finished length 
  • CUTTING METHOD Guillotine cutter
  • FEEDING TRAY CAPACITY Up to 500 sheets of 64 gsm
  • FINISHED CUT LENGTH 2.16” - 8.5” 
  • STACKER CAPACITY Up to 800 sheets of 64 gsm
  • MEMORIES Up to 100 FEATURES Interlock safety top/rear cover; counter; slitter checking mode; auto select of finishing process (normal/straight conveyor); auto power off; cut position adjustment; 3-step process speed; proof feed; automatic cut up function 
  • POWER SOURCE 100 - 230V, 50/60Hz, 0.5 - 0.3A 
  • DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) 32”x 10”x 23” 
  • WEIGHT 71 lbs. 
  • OPTIONS Center slitter unit; perforator
Specifications for Duplo V590 Cut Sheet Cutter / Forms Burster
Forms Length: 4" up to 18"
Forms Width: 4" up to 14 1/2"
Capacity: 500 sheet feed tray
Trim Width: n/a
Speed: 44 sheets per minute
Conveyor Stacker: optional
Jam Detector: yes
Optional Features: slitters, perforators, conveyor stacker
Ship Weight: 90 lbs
Dimensions: 32"D x 23"W x 10"H
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