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DUPLO FB 706 Form Burster / Document Burster

DUPLO FB 706 Form Burster / Document Burster
DUPLO FB 706 Form Burster / Document Burster

DUPLO FB 706 Form Burster / Document Burster

Price: $12,500.00

Our Price: $12,000.00


Brand: Duplo

SKU: FB-706

Duplo FB-706 Replaces the V-740, V-760, & V-767 with increased speed and a modernized LCD Panel.

The Duplo FB-706 form Burster is perfect for high production demands.  The high speed motor pulls continuous sheet paper as slow as 26 feet per minute but is capable of moving fast as 410 feet per minute when needed.

The FB-706 cuts, trims, decollates, and slits any continuous feed form and leaves commercial quality finished product.

The large LCD user control panel gives the user an easy view of the pages cut and makes setting up jobs lengths quick and easy. The FB-706 sets itself apart with these key features:

  • DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) automatically reduces speed to prevent bursting errors
  • Built in lights showing where pages will be slit.
  • Variable speed up to 410 feet per minute
  • Microprocessor controlled to monitor operation and display forms count, length setting, and jam detector.
  • Jam detector automatically stops operation in order to protect your forms from being damaged.
  • Interlocking safety cover provides operator safety.
  • Last form sensor automatically stops operation after last form is burst.
  • Self diagnostic system for service assistance.

Optional Features:

  • Check signer/Imprinter - imprints 3-1/2 and 7 forms. Removable signature saddles for complete security or change of signature plates.
  • Center Slitter - provides capability of slitting two-wide forms and doubling burster output.
  • Decollator attachment - decollates parts not required to be burst and will refold forms underneath the burster.
  • Margin Chopper - reduces waste column of margin trim. Ideal for high volume usage.
FORM SIZELength 3” - 14”
Width 4” - 18” (4” to 17” finished width)


0” - 1.125”
SINGLE-PLY FORM CAPACITY47 - 157 gsm (bond)
MULTI-PLY FORM CAPACITY8-part carbonless (40 -50 gsm)
SPEED26 - 410 feet per minute
JOB MEMORY120 presets
FEATURESPreset counter; automatic stop at end of form; last page delivery; margin cutting, message display; safety cover with interlock; automatic stop for jams; automatic power off; waste box; manual 10-job form width memory; DSC function; conveyor adjustment; LED margin cut line
POWER REQUIREMENTS100 - 120V ± 10% 50/60 Hz
MARGIN SLITTER GUIDE LED BATTERYLithium battery (CR-2032) x 2 (recommended to be replaced every three years)
OPTIONSCenter Slitter
Specifications for DUPLO FB 706 Form Burster / Document Burster
Forms Length: 3" to 12"
Forms Width: 5" up to 18"
Capacity: 8 part carbonless
Trim Width: up to 1.125"
Speed: up tp 393 fpm
Conveyor Stacker: yes
Jam Detector: yes
Optional Features: check signer, decollator attachment
Ship Weight: 260 lbs
Dimensions: 39"H x 27"W x 45"D
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