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Duplo DF-777 Automatic Paper Folder

Duplo DF-777 Automatic Paper Folder
Duplo DF-777 Automatic Paper Folder

Duplo DF-777 Automatic Paper Folder

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Brand: Duplo

SKU: duplo777


The Duplo DF-777 Automatic Paper Folder is a high-quality budget version automatic folder with fully automated setups. No tedious adjusting of folding plates every time you want a different fold or have a different paper size. Automated setups, make it easier and faster to process jobs without any manual adjustments required. The DF-777 precisely folds documents, letters, and invoices at up to 135 sheets per minute.

Utilizing Duplo’s durable and patented feed system, the DF-777 offers the most reliable folding system with the least amount of slippage and paper jams. The Duplo DF-777 Automatic Paper Folder allows operators to select from six of the most common standard folds that are preprogrammed for touch-and-go folding or customize their own for non-standard folds. The Duplo DF-777 is also an excellent choice for cross folding for right-angle folds is also possible.

The Duplo DF-777 Paper Folder accepts six popular sheet sizes (letter, legal, ledger, 1/2 letter, and 1/2 legal) that are pre-programmed for quick setup and user convenience. Custom fold minor adjustments are easily done via the control panel. The Duplo DF-777 has a 500 sheet in-feed hopper and a convenient conveyor stacker tray for continuous folding of large jobs.

Fold  paper weights from 14 to 38 lb bond with the Duplo DF-777 with accuracy and consistency. A patented friction feed system, adjustable paper and feed separator pressure controls assure non-stop productivity with the Duplo DF-777. Ideal for any office, church, or school, the DF-777 brings easy, reliable folding to your fingertips.

  • Highest quality and durability
  • Paper size 5" x 7" to 11" x 17"
  • Resettable counter, 4-digit digital counter
  • Three wheel feed system
  • Speed 135 sheets per minute
  • Handles paper stock from 14 Lb. to 38 Lb.
  • Can easily handle right angle cross folds
  • 500 sheet horizontal input hopper


Specifications for Duplo DF-777 Automatic Paper Folder
: 500
: 135 Sheets per minute
: 5" x 7.2" to 11" X 17"
: 14lb. to 38 lb.
: Single, double, half accordion, letter, gate
: Single, double, half accordion, letter, accordion, brochure & custom
: 500
: 120 Volt
: 79 lbs.
: 37' X 19" x 22"
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