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Cassida 85 heavy duty currency counter

Price: $759.00

Our Price: $699.00

Brand: Cassida

SKU: 85

The Cassida 85 series was built tough from durable steel parts and metal construction, designed to last in a heavy duty environment. The Cassida 85 has been designed to handle all sorts of bills, from crisp new bills to old, worn out bills. You can trust the Cassida 85 to process all bills, regardless of condition. 

The Cassida 85 series has been enginered to tackle counterfeit bills with the incorporation of dual head magnetic (MG) and ultraviolet (UV) detection sensors. The Cassida 85 has been designed to deliver the same smooth and accurate processing with coupons, tickets, deposit slips or other documents, as well as foreign bills. The easy to use software enables the user to easily adjust for any non-U.S. currency.

Features for all 85 models:

  • Hopper capacity of 1000 new bills

  • Stacker capacity of 300 new bills

  • Top loader design

  • LED display

  • Counting speeds of 900, 1200, 1500 bills per min

  • Error detection for double, half, chain, note size 

  • Operating modes for count, add, batch, add+batch

Cassida 85 utilizes infrared technology

Cassida 85U utilizes infrared and ultraviolet technology

Cassida 85UM utilizes infrared, ultraviolet and magnetic technology


*1 year parts and labor warranty

Specifications for Cassida 85 heavy duty currency counter
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