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Cassida 5700 Series Currency Counter w / ValuCount

Price: $400.00

Our Price: $379.00

Brand: Cassida

SKU: 5700 UV/MG

The Cassida 5700 series currency counter combines the ergonomics of a top loading bill counter with the economical design of a back loader creating the industry's first bill flipper design. The 5700 starts counting automatically when bills are placed on the hopper platform, resembling a top load counter. 

The large LED screen not only displays the number of bills counted, but the denominations and total count values, when using the available ValuCount feature.

Features for both models:

  • Loads with the ease of a top loader

  • Lightweight, compact design with integrated carrying handle

  • Counting speed of 1300 bills per minute

  • Hopper and Stacker capacity of 250 new bills

  • Operating modes include count, add, batch modes; add + batch mode

  • Innovative bill flippers eliminating the need for bills to be manually flipped


Cassida 5700UV uses ultraviolet sensors

Cassida 5700UV/MG uses ultraviolet and magnetic sensors


*1 year parts and labor warranty

Specifications for Cassida 5700 Series Currency Counter w / ValuCount
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