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Articles, education, and knowledge center

"Sharing is caring" like our Grandparents told us and we tell our kids. The same goes for business. Our business is built on helping our clients find the right solutions to solve a problem so when we help a business we want to share it.

  • Share how a problem was solved.
  • Share a new innovative product.
  • Even share our answers to customers questions.

Everything we sell and everything we do is focused on this one simple goal. Knowledge is not just power, knowledge protects our business, our employees, and our customers.

Have an idea for us? Send us a note and we will post it along with a link your business.


Advantage Business Equipment posts information to help businesses:

  • Automate accounts payable procedures.
  • Set up secure check signing software or machines.
  • Research finding the correct shredder for offices or commercial businesses.
  • Find the best 3D printer for businesses and schools.
  • Finding the appropriate paper handling equipment for churches, mail rooms, and print shops.
  • Build or find the right hard drive degausser, hard drive punch or shredder to protect confidential electronic data.