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AW3D Axiom 3D printer

AW3D Axiom 3D printer
AW3D Axiom 3D printer

AW3D Axiom 3D printer

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Brand: Airwolf 3D


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The newest printer in the Airwolf 3D lineup. The Axiom 3D printer is the most advanced 3D printer on the market.

With a fully enclosed chamber to manage temperature and allow precision 3D printing, the Axiom AW3-D in the most precise printer in the industry.

The AW3-D was designed with several advanced features to make it the printer of choice for production and educational users.  The innovative ERC - End-User Replaceable Cassette -  allows the user to easily swap out components or upgrades released for the Axiom.  This protects the initial investment by the buyer and extends the service life while minimizing down time for the printer.

Perfect for large and small jobs with a  1000 cubic inch build chamber (12.5"W x 8"H x 10" D) the AW3-D applies an ultra fine layer thickness of 40 microns to produce detailed projects with minimal striated appearance.

This desktop 3D printer can turn any home or small business into a prototype or low production facility.

  • 2 axis (X / Y)  motion control application system.
  • Automatic leveling base levels throughout the printing process.
  • Fully enclosed chamber.
  • Easy feed filament draw system.
  • Improved hot end to minimize clogs.
  • 1000 cubic inch enclosed chamber for large products.
  • 40 µm (micron) minimum height for ultra detailed printing.
  • High speed 250 mm per second printing.
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