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AdvantaPak Cardboard Shredder by Kostal

AdvantaPak Cardboard Shredder by Kostal
AdvantaPak Cardboard Shredder by Kostal

AdvantaPak Cardboard Shredder by Kostal

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Brand: advantapak

SKU: adv1001cp

Create high-quality packaging material from used cardboard boxes.

Save money on:

  • Recycling FEES
  • Packing material purchase cost
  • Built to order, ships in 8 weeks. 

Our lowest cost packing material cardboard machine turns old cardboard boxes into quality packing material.  This portable and convenient model will old cardboard boxes into packing strips up to 15' wide.

A fixed guide allows you to cut strips as small as 1/2" for smaller packing needs and up to as large as 15" for larger jobs. The AdvantaPak cardboard perforation unit will handle one sheet of 275 lb. double wall cardboard per pass.

No need to remove tape or staples because the powerful motor cuts through the material without causing damage to the blades or material.

The AdvantaPak  is portable and convenient! It goes wherever itís needed to convert sheets of doublewall corrugate to packing material instead of compacting and paying to have recycled. 

Easy to use:
Corrugated sheets are fed into the AdvantaPAK inlet where special patented cutting shafts turn the sheet into packing mats ideal for any kind of packing and shipping need.

  • Accepts one sheet of 275 lb. doublewall corrugate up to 15 inches wide.
  • Creates large volume filler material suitable for packing even sensitive goods for transport.
  • Accepts newsprint and computer paper.

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Specifications for AdvantaPak Cardboard Shredder by Kostal
Feed Thickness: 1/4"
Cutting Capacity: 1 sheet double wall
Cutter Feed Width: 15"
Cutting Speed: 27.5 fpm
Motor (hp): 1 hp
Power: 115 volt
Ship Weight: 94 lbs
Dimensions: 13"H x 23"W x 15 1/2"D
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