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Formax FD6606-Standard Inserter Series

Formax FD6606-Standard Inserter Series
Formax FD6606-Standard Inserter Series

Formax FD6606-Standard Inserter Series

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Brand: Formax

SKU: FD6606-Standard

The versatile
FD6606 Standard Series will adapt to almost any folding and inserting application. Offering the flexibility to meet your specific needs, the series is available with 2 to 7 stations. Documents up to 14" long can be inserted in almost any combination. The FD6606 series has a high capacity output stacker that can hold up to 500 envelopes in their original order.

The powerful FD6606 can process up to 4,300 envelopes per hour, producing up to 80,000 finished pieces per month. The FD6606 folds up to 10 sheets in half fold and up to 8 sheets in tri-fold. Each standard feeder holds up to 325 sheets, while the high capacity document feeder holds up to 725 sheets. Cascade mode connects multiple feeders, when one feeder empties, the next automatically starts feeding. 

Features for all versions of the Standard Series:

  • 10.4" full-color touchscreen control panel with a graphical interface
  • 50 programmable jobs
  • Vertical output stacker holds up to 500 filled envelops
  • High capacity document feeder holds 725 sheets
  • Automatic paper and envelope Presence Sensors
  • AutoSet one touch set up
  • Top loading envelope hopper holds up to 500 envelopes
  • 2 double document detectors
  • Fold types: C, Half, Z, Double Parallel and no fold
  • Energy saving automatic standby mode after one hour

Versions available for the FD6404-Standard Series:

FD6606-Standard 2: Inserter - 2 station with 2 standard feeders

FD6606-Standard 3F: Inserter - 3 station with 1 high capacity standard feeder and 2 standard feeders

FD6606-Standard 4: Inserter - 4 station with 4 standard feeder

FD6606-Standard 5F: Inserter - 5 station with 4 standard feeders and 1 high capacity document feeder

FD6606-Standard 6: Inserter - 6 station with 6 standard feeders


Specifications for Formax FD6606-Standard Inserter Series
Stacker Capacity:
Paper Size:
Paper Weight:
Pre-Programmed Folds:
Fold Types:
Paper Feed Tray Capacity:
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