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3D printers will change your life.

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Image 3D printers will change your life.

3D printers have changed the way industry produces goods and material more than any other innovation in recent history.  Some experts predict the invention of the 3D printer signifies the beginning of the third industrial revolution.  3D printers allow production to be moved from the factories to any business or even small home office.  Inventors can take ideas from a simple concept to full production in days instead of months.  The 3D printer enable businesses to do "ON-DEMAND" production meaning a business can print orders for products as they're received eliminating the need for inventory.

From a consumer level, instead of waiting for a replacement part to be shipped in the mail, manufacturers can simply email a 3D print file.  Their customer can print the replacement as needed and be operational in minutes instead of days. 

One of the fastest growing users is the US Military.  With new innovation in materials - 3D printer Materials - 3D printers will soon print anything from steel parts to replacement organs.  Ships at sea will be able to print replacement parts anywhere in the world.  3D printers are already able to print everything from clothing, to bullets, to machine parts and even cars, and drones, but soon they will be able to produce full vessels.  

3D printers combined with new material development and improved CAD technology will soon make the 3D printer standard for the businesses and homes around the world.

At Advantage Business Equipment, 3D technology is our top priority and we offer only the most proven and reliable 3D printers and supplies in the market.

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